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Running a small to medium sized business in normal times is a double-edged sword.  Win or lose the pressure is on you. Now, with everchanging rules, regs, values, economics and reality…it can be mind boggling.  We’ve been there… L. Sashin & Associates (LSA) exists to relieve much of that pressure.

The growth and wellbeing of your business is our passion. We either know the answers or work with someone who does. Our team helps identify hidden growth opportunities and strategies.

We identify the critical path to increased revenue and which actions are needed to make it happen!


We believe that because of limited bandwidth, lack of experience or resources most companies fail to recognize and take advantage of powerful revenue opportunities.

It is our passion to help companies to think and act differently by identifying opportunities and implement creative solutions that will maximize their greatest financial potential.

In short, LSA has a proven track record of maximizing profitable revenue potential.


Big Solutions For Small Businesses

LSA is anchored by two highly seasoned business leaders/ entrepreneurs, experienced in listening, understanding and solving problems for businesses like yours. Nothing is cookie cutter. Each company and situation is different so the approach to the problem must be tailored the specific needs of the client.

Because LSA is comfortable working in, out and around the box we come up with a solution or solutions that will not only fit both your company’s needs, but also its capabilities.


Focused on the growth of his client’s businesses, Mr. Sashin has more than 45 years of leading sales initiatives and driving business growth. His success in client development, management and his drive to find out what his client businesses really needs ,wants, and are capable of doing make his clients winners on many levels.

Mr. Sashin’s skills and experiences are easily adaptable. Whether it’s developing a vendor network for an 850 member Independent Physicians Association, helping a 120+ year old Canadian, craft soda producer expand its current market to compete in the ever-changing beverage industry in the USA or helping the NFL Alumni spread their message of a healthy lifestyle to underprivileged children and their families.

Mr. Sashin listens, plans and implements a solid, realistic strategy that meets their goals and works within their physical and financial capabilities.

Track Record Of Success

Results That Speak For Themselves

Hudson Oncology and Hematology Group

Marketing Services + Strategic Consulting + Revenue Stream Development

Bull’s Head America

Marketing + Sales Management + Branding

New York Presbyterian/ Lawrence Hospital

Marketing Services + Strategic Consulting + Revenue Stream Development

Hudson Doctors IPA

Marketing Services + Revenue Stream Development

Beauty Fix MedSpa – Mark Greenspan

Marketing Services + Strategic Consulting + Revenue Stream Development

Total Food Service

Client Acquisition + Ad Placement

NY Hospitality Group

Sales Training + Customer Relations Management

NFL Alumni

Event Planning + Fund Raising Initiatives

Acrylic Flooring

Strategic Planning + Client Management

Columbia Elevator

Sales Team Development

JV’s, Alliances & Networks

We May Not Have All The Answers, But We Can Help You Find Them
NY Hospitality Group
Sandler Training
Bulls Head
Spark Creative Marketing

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